001 – construction sites.

Ilford Delta 3200

Unsorted thoughts on a variety of paperweights, almost evenly distributed all over my place. In each box and drawer, I can be sure to find a few Moleskines. But luckily I am an owner in awe of a midori Traveler’s Notebook since some time, which keeps my notes more together and the growing collection of regularly uncompleted small black or brown-beige tiny books is dwindling quietly.
I write to process my thoughts and sort my ideas, since always. And I love books, written or plain. The feeling of getting my mind more under control, however, still hesitates to fully reveal itself. And finishing anything is painful, at least that’s how I imagine it to be, considering the fact that I don’t get there more often than I do. 

After the supermoon in January this year, just a few days after I moved to Zürich, I euphorically went out at night to capture the new environment with my favorite film Ilford Delta 3200. 
It was surprisingly warm, which made it easy to stay outside for a while and take my time with the 16 images the Mamiya645 can take per roll. The futuristic concrete neighborhood and the hyper-modern building I live in myself (never have I ever imagined to live in such a house. I was certain to become depressed in any home without creaking wooden floors and quirky inspiring corners and characteristics. But it’s hard to find something affordable and charming in this city, they say…so I didn’t manage to sign a contract for a creaking-floor-house, but I found this unbelievable apartment with ceilings of 7-meter height instead, and couldn’t be more grateful) build a surreal urban landscape.

– I digress.

Somewhere around 2 a.m. I came home tired, but still excited enough to develop the film. 

Not a great idea.

My maths brain was asleep already, so I didn’t pour in the correct amount of liquid. The white streak you can see on the photos is the underdeveloped part of the film – due to agitation, it is not fully white, but slightly revealing what the complete image would have looked like. 

Wondering if there will ever be a specific combination of illuminated windows more than once, ever (maths still asleep).