dark chlorophyll 
a growing collection of handmade chromogenic prints in variable sizes from 90x70 cm to 24x18 cm.

an exploration of nature's colours
at night on film in solitude.
dark chlorophyll is an ongoing series of work
connected to the project révélée which was started in 2015. 

Due to the nature of the analog process and the amount of prints I have produced over the years, in oftentimes exhausting darkroom sessions, only a very few examples are on display here. I am working on scanning all the originals one by one, but producing new work has priority most of the time. If you're interested in purchasing my work and want to see the originals, please contact me for an appointment at my studio in Zurich. Prices start at CHF 500.- for small prints (ed. 5 + 1 AP). 
Larger originals are either unique pieces or ed. 3 + 1 AP, pricing starts at CHF 2'700.-

A Matter of Connection

Oak [how the light gets in]

Spotlight I, Neuchâtel


Treescapes I

Treescapes III

Diagonales Plastik

Fremd im Unterholz I