Dear visitor,
welcome to my studio.

I am an Artist & Photographer based in Zürich, Switzerland.

The term artist refers to one's urge to holistically integrate events, dimensions, perceptions and understandings into an individual form of expression.

The simple human and the artist are not two separate identities.
They are one and the same.

I was born in 1990 in Bonn, Germany and I have always been concerned with the question of belonging and identity. I studied at the University of Fine Arts in Saarbrücken, Germany from 2009 to 2015 and deviated from my original path of painting almost immediately. In search for a new medium to explore, I developed a practice between performance and photography, using film as my new canvas. The tedious work in the darkroom is far from a romantic experience. It is an important part of my process, providing me with non-intellectual understanding of time and honesty. While analog photography is the most central part of what I am creating, other photographic processes like scanning, but also video and writing are relevant to me as well.

A lot of my inspiration stems from intense years of working with animals, especially high-tempered endurance horses, and making music. While both elements are not as prominent in my life anymore at the time in which I am writing this, I am still aware and appreciative of their influence.

What you can do:

– Schedule your portrait experience in my photo studio in Zurich.– Receive my Analog Notes.– Follow my Instagram for more frequent informal updates.– Visit my blog for sketches of light and thoughts

First Name: Akosua

pronounced – [a'koss-ya]
language – Asante Twi
meaning – born on Sunday
random fact – I'm not

Second First Name: Viktoria

pronounced – as usual
language – German/Latin
meaning – victory
random fact – I'm not

Last Name: Adu-Sanyah

pronounced – [a'dou-san-ya]
language – Asante Twi
meaning – made of silver
random fact – I'm not